Microblading Healing Process Day By Day * Battle Of The Top 4 Best Eyebrow Pen In The Philippines Below Php 500! By Lhianne Lauren

That’s what we’re doing is a square now and if you want to know I have combined my three colors of foundation microblading classes, pink pink tint and soft white all in one to create this nail I absolutely love it, and I mainly did it because I wanted you to see it against the darker cos, you can really see the edges, but I actually fell in love with the color, so I’m going to file down the bulk first and then we’re going to start shaving I did square nails for 28 years, almost every single day all the time, I absolutely loved it, and I just became an expert at it so right now I’ve got this longest square I’m going to determine my length and I’m going to file in the bulk and I’m gonna start shaping the nail get at the nail exactly where I want it to be then we’re gonna find tunes microblading classes near me.Okay, so let’s get ourselves a medium or coarse file I usually use course when I want to take some product off and make some shape, so I’ve taken on the Balkan, it’s pretty much square if a client’s not too particular, you can just make sure that you file the sides completely parallel that’s the first thing with square make sure it’s see that don’t don’t bend it like this way at all or this way you want to make sure it’s completely parallel and if it’s not sitting against the nail parallel hold the file parallel, keep pressing as you file, and it will become parallel okay, you want to do that on both sides, so it’s very very accurately square, then we want to take the free edge, you wanna hold it like this and you want to go square okay and of course we’re gonna turn up underneath.Just going underneath, giving okay so most part you could do that, and then you can leave it and off they go.If you’re finding it’s looking a little bit bulky what’s happening is this will drive me crazy, this took me some time to figure out so if you know what I’m talking about you’ve been there when you’re going straight and you’re going straight on both sides and then you still look at it like why does it look like this is the nail and you’re looking at it down this way down this way, this is what it is, but it looks a little bit bulky, yet your ends are quite square and the base looks quite square but it looks square but it’s just a little bit bulky in here it’s just a little hug, this is exaggerating right, so it’s just almost just a little bit puffy, why is that because if you look down the barrel this way you’ll see that you may be straight on the sides, but if you start to see the height of the nail near the apex it’s getting thicker on top as the nail goes up for the apex.Also becoming puffy almost like a muffin top right, so even though your sides are totally straight, look down the barrel I can even hold my finger over you can see. Yuck like the end, this is the free edge, that’s obviously toothache, but look down this apex, see how thick it is here and how thick it is here, that’s how we want to take down almost four exaggeration almost like a peak but we’re going to bring it up like this right, so the sides are like if you look down the barrel of the nail this way you’re looking down that barrel and you’re seeing puffy sides, if you bring that in like that you’re going to take away those sides and get rid of that muffin top, that alone will change your nail game as far as square goes.That’ll really really help a lot, so how I fix, that is I take my I’m looking straight down the barrel like this and I take the file.See that.And I filed that part.Okay, and when you do that you’re not touching the side.See how you’re going straight down the side like that, if you lean your file in.At the same time, you will take care of that bulk but you won’t be touching the actual side, so what that looks like is I’m going like this so I’m just taking off that top part okay, that’s one of the first steps to getting a super square nail and you can do that near the bulk part of the nail on the nail plate and you can do it on the free edge, OK, so do that all the way along the side and get it perfectly.No muffin top on there okay, so if I look down the side now I’ve taken away a whole bunch there and I’m going to take more to make it look even more delicate, sometimes it helps to hold it against a light so you create a complete shadow, and then you can really really see like a there’s the bump and I’ll do that on both sides, so I’m going to remove that bulk on both sides and taper it right, in so I’m not coming up like this, like a puffy muffin top I’m coming in right away, smooth right away, that will change your whole square shape, okay, now that was my correspondents gonna take away a lot of products now I’m going to hit it with my medium.File and I’m just going to try to smooth it over a little bit to give me a more accurate of what my more finished look will be OK, so let’s get rid of some dust now let’s get a look down the barrel here, see we’ve got a complete half circle now or maybe that would be like a third of a circle, maybe it’s a half circle, but you can see how smooth it is now and if I bend it a little bit, you can see how your muffin top is now completely gone away, that’s not finished, yet, we still have to do some fine tuning but that’s given you the shape that you want and look how smooth, that is, we’ve got no muffin happen over there. Okay, we can look at it sideways I can take away a little bit of bulk here on the top and I can smooth out and we can even go underneath a little bit, if we wanted okay that’s looking pretty good I can look at that and that’s that square and that’s a pretty nice square.But we can even find tunic because to me I feel like it’s a little little bit wide right here.So the end is good, this end is good, this end is good, it’s just a little bit wide in here, so I’m going to take.My file and I’m gonna make a little bit thinner, but it looks like with the file I could put a sanding band in here now because I don’t want to take away too much.This is really starting to fine tune it okay so you know it’s not very high rpm’s on this, maybe six five or six and I’m just gonna go over the nail back and forth back and forth back and forth, this back and forth motion will create an extremely even smooth nail, you can do it one way but why waste that time you also do a double time go back and forth back and forth, you start to examine and see if it’s where you want it to be pretty darn good, now as far as that little side that I was worried about you can take the e file and you can literally like I showed you with the hand file, you can just do it on an angle ever so slight but don’t touch the free edge, the very corner see this corner, I’m not going to touch that with my file.I’m just touching this spot in here that’s the only spot I’m focusing on and I’ll do the same on this side, I’m not touching this corner, I’m just focusing in on that one spot you could do it this way to just slightly feather OK, once you’re happy with that, it’s looking pretty square then I’m gonna go over top of the whole thing once again, you just soften the cuticle, okay, we’re not finished yet okay, so the free edge that really sells a super square I’m looking at this now right now and it’s like it’s pretty good.It’s pretty nice, that’s a beautiful square nail I am not unhappy with that a client walk away and I’ve done them many of them like this but it’s not super square.And what I’m looking at is the extreme free edge when you are filing for a super square.This is the weirdest thing so I look at that fridge right now it is pretty good, but that free edge needs to be straighter.It’s just a little bit to exaggerate it a little bit puffy it’s kind of it’s kind of to me it’s going. It’s kind of not super straight it’s like this is super straight it’s just bending just a little just a little so the best way to do that is you look it’s hard for you right here, but look straight down on it when you’re filing your free edge, this way when you’re doing a square, the more you angle your file toward you.The more round the corners are going to become because if you hit the corners like if I just hit the corners, if I turn it up like that, and I show you that I just see if I just hit those corners.I’m gonna smooth it right out and it’s gonna be a square with a round soft corners.But if I take it like this and I start filing it this way you want to go as straight as you possibly can, and this sounds really weird, but you almost lean it in a little like to exaggerate lean it this way.So this way makes it rounder this way makes it square or so just just a tad just tad tad tad lean it in like that just a little bit.