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I’ll show you how they held up after five days electric nail file for toes, I’ve never tried this kit before let’s get started okay so it says brush on gel which really intrigued me I’ve tried their acrylic before don’t you guys remember that video, so let’s see what these have to offer one thing I did notice that says no of light nail file electric drill.An easy removal, I’m just gonna rip into it, so it’s the French design, oh here’s the little file OK, and the activator and the cleanser and the instructions, oh and a little cuticle stick to push back the cuticle’s but I’ve already done that, so these are the instructions and I kind of want to make sure that we follow them, so if anything goes wrong, well no you know why it goes with any product you buy professional or non-professional, just from Walmart you want to make sure that you use them properly so they have lots of different languages, but we just need this one, and that’s this first page okay so you want to select the tip and these are the tips now there’s only 48 little tips in here, this is not sponsored or anything I literally was just walking by and thought it’s fun to see how these things will.Look, that’s what it’s about right, just wanna do a quick way to get a nail on there so we’ve got little numbers on them, so they got these little tabs so they’ll be probably two of those four three maybe, but this looks like it’s trying to fit the thumb, you can see the French right that looks like it’ll fit and you’ll see there’s one that’s a better fit, my do four five looks like it might work now, these are natural over here and these are the French white so you want to do is sign them all up first before you start to prep the nail and let me see what they say, select the size for each finger and set aside before beginning so we’re on the right track when we hold the tip easy apply, so that’s what we want to do for we’re playing so right now we just want to set aside, let’s not do the natural ones, okay.Just gonna do that.The French ones.Okay, again, these ones are the bigger the number the smaller the tip goes and you’ll figure that out pretty quick so I’m gonna put that guy there that doesn’t look too bad, I’ve got two options for the thumb.Maybe eleven for the pinky.So what you’re looking for is for the sides of it to go directly to the side of your finger, so we can just get maybe a oh maybe I’ll do it on the thumbs, you can easily see it so you want to make sure that when you’re pressing it into your nail because you want your natural nail and the fake nail not to have a gap in between you want it to fit tight as you can so press it down into your finger as much as you can and make sure that the sides come out to where you want it to be.Actually, this looks good for is a good size for my thumb.I’m gonna go ahead and just figure out what I want for the other ones, one two three four five so now we know the sizes that we want, so now we’ve got to prep the nail so this is the file that they’ve given us a very very soft grit.So the idea is you want to prep the nail with the.Every single little corner of the nail you’re putting this on the natural nail plate so you want to buff the whole thing, oh let’s read the instructions and get ahead of myself hold the tip easy apply tab that was these little you know tabs right here and it is easy when you’re holding on to it makes it a lot easier and apply the brush on gel so they don’t really talk about how they buff up the nail.I’m gonna do it because I know it’s not gonna stick so if you’re doing these there’s a little Pro tip there for you, just drop the natural nail up a little bit so I’m gonna do that for each and every one and I did do this a little bit because I was taking a product I always wear click in my head I had this on there actually so I did take it off, so these are somewhat prepared, if you don’t buff it up a little bit because you do want the glue or in this case, they’re saying they’re saying gel like it says on the box, but I have a feeling it’s not gel because there’s no light with it right, so I think it maybe it’s more like a glue, but when you’re doing any type of nail you just started learning at it or you’re not quite sure how it’s gonna go down even if design, if you’re practicing your total Pro I always do the nails that you can’t see as much first like the pinky or the thumb I start with those first when I get better I work into the nails that are more visible.When you’re out about the world right OK, so we’re all buffed, now I’m just gonna dust it off a little bit I am actually going to clean the nail plate a little bit of alcohol because whether it says it or not in there you really should clean the nail plate and you know gel or anything like that they don’t particularly like dust so you should clean that off okay so.Tip application, that’s where we’re at now, so we want to hold the tip with the easy apply tab and apply the brush on gel to back well area of nail tip, this might be a time thing where you need to put the brush hunt gel and then they activate on right after it, so you might want to do not each nail like with all the glue, but you need to do it, maybe one at a time complete apply the glue to the back tip of the well, that means the underside they want you to put a little glue on there.Practice a little too so you have an idea of where it’s gonna go and how it feels okay, and then hold that part that adheres to the natural nail yep, we got that slowly lower the tip into natural nail area hold firmly until set repeat this for the rest of the fingers, okay, so let’s take the brush on Joe and we’re gonna do just what they said Zheng.I’m just gonna put this on here because they don’t want it to topple over on my towel, my I’m gonna put a little bit okay, that’s interesting, it does have a gel like attitude to it in that it has a little bit thicker viscosity than actual gel would, although it smells so much like a glue smells really like a glue okay, so now I’m gonna take this little tip here makes you get straight, this is the part where you don’t want the glue to dry in the wrong spot, so I’m pressing it into my natural nail and it needs to be pressed a little bit more actually you might glue your fingers, be careful because this little tab is not giving it much strength at all push into it, see the sides kind of sticking.It’s acting like a glue to it’s not acting like a gel only in that it felt a little bit thicker but it’s like a thicker glue and it’s acting just like a glue wood okay, probably could’ve slid that down just a little bit further okay, so that’s pretty much drawing on there and I guess this will just bend off, that’s what it’s meant to do, yeah there he goes so I’m going to learn from that mistake which is.I could probably bring the white down just a tad further you don’t want it to come down too far because it looks kind of bad but just so I could capture the sides if I just bought it literally in a sixteenth of an inch if not less a little bit down closer so I’ll learn that with this one here we go, then to get the.Glue and.Put it on the inside.You do want to make sure you get that clear part because that’s what’s touching the natural nail if you don’t have much of natural nail, this can be really hard, you have to have natural nail to apply it to Kate and then I’m gonna press it onto my index finger and go down a little further and learn from my mistake.It kind of has a natural feeling where it wants to sit and that’s why I slipped back a little further this one’s sticking a bit better, it’s not leaving a gap on the side I don’t feel like I have to poke it down, if you do this, be careful because it might squirt out a little bit and then get glue on your fingers right and I’m gonna get rid of this tap I could do this after put them impatient to get rid of it, now there is I’ll stuck down talk about an instant nail, um, okay, I’m gonna do this thing okay getting faster and you can see the glue just seeping under there and just really kind here it doesn’t take long it’s a glue so it just takes a few seconds like a crazy glue just hold out a little bit, you can see, it’s all glued in dry super fast, okay number eight to be honest with you guys, I’m not really.Seeing much gel going on here, there might be some same ingredients that are in gel that are actually in the glue I really don’t know, I’m not a chemist I don’t really know that but to me this whole thing is acting totally like a glue.Do you need maps or no that’s another reason why I think it feels much like a clue, it didn’t come with a lot, nope, in fact the box said no light.Right, and she’s getting a light for jail but that’s fine if you really just wanted to get the look on you might not really care if it’s gel or glue okay, but one thing I will tell you in the professional world of nails getting a sharp crisp white smile line is challenging and it takes a lot of work to get it now I will say that is nice and super crisp and it’s really cute.Okay, so let’s put the glue over here and next step, so these are cute, now, a naturally being a professional I can compare it to the professional nail that I do, and if I was to do the white as a professional I would do it a little bit differently and make it more creative, but that is all just styles like painting, an art picture, this is like a paint by number, right. But if I see an art picture as an artist might go I might do that a little differently but that’s just what I’d do, just my artistic flare, these are coming out of the package, just like that it gives you a nice white sharp crisp line, it’s actually kind of cute so and now it says to blend tip with natural nail apply and hold wet brush from the brush cleaner along the seam of each dip.Next slightly above the seam and avoid excess filing on the nail surface, that’s a good tip okay so it says to blend the tip with the natural nail apply and hold the wet brush from the brush cleaner along the seam of each tip, so I guess you put the brush cleaner along the scene of each tip zen next lightly buff, the seam if necessary to avoid excess filing, but avoid excess filing on national service, that’s a good thing, remove the little twist off the top, we took that off already oh, that’s okay, and then we’re going to get into the gel application, so let’s gently buff, so when you’re doing professional tips you kind of buff the tip that you have on there so the next layer.Stuff will apply to it, if you leave things that are shiny and even acrylic or anything like that they generally don’t stick very well together, so when you buffet your allowing it to adhere better, so I think that’s what we’re doing there but just be careful when you do this you’re not buffing the natural nail too much and you don’t want to go too far into the tip because you might start taking away the white line I don’t know how deep this white line is whether it’s all the way through or just like surface Lee painted on but if you go too far, you could buff the white line right out of there if you do that nails are all about troubleshooting if you do that just buff it all the way off again and put another one on because this particular design is all about seeing those pretty white tips, so I am also buffing the seam of that tip that went on there, I mean you kind of want to try to make.But look a little seamless but it didn’t go down perfect, so I’m hoping that when we put the other layers on we don’t see that as a professional, we shoot for that all the time right seems are something we’re always trying to avoid looking kind of cute get files holding out pretty good OK, and I again am going to weigh some of the dust.Gel, these kind of things they don’t really like this OK, next steps as gel application, set your three bottles in order, okay, let’s move these guys away okay, we don’t need the files, I’m going to put everything on this thing, and it says to put them in order so you don’t mess them up and it even gives a diagram C A B and c so the gel.First. The activator.And the cleaner okay so it says use the brush from the brush cleaner.This bottle.Avoid skin and Claire yeah that is true, you guys when you read stuff like this, you really don’t want to get this on your skin or your eyes apply an even layer of brush on Zhao to one nail as you would polish next over the wet gel use the brush from the brush cleaner and dip it into the activator, apply a thin coat of activator over the wet gel as you would apply polish. Okay, then you want to wipe it on on a surface to get rid of it before you put it back in the day.Here we go, okay I’m going to paint it on careful not to flood the cuticle, we don’t wanna do that, I’m gonna paint it on then I’m going to get the brush from the brush cleaner dip it into the activator and paint it on and get a little bit saturated and then I’m going to paint it on this wet gel, so this is going to activate the gel that’s on there to do its thing, okay now I’m gonna read and it says repeat, these steps on all ten nails and then a second layer of brush on gel and brush activator is now applied repeating step two okay so just do it twice.Reminds me of the dip systems how you do that you have five or six steps and that’s what you’re doing you’re putting the stuff on it and then you’re putting an activator on its similar to that in it, so you can sort of see there’s a little spot in there that’s not quite adhering, you might say, maybe this will help that sometimes when you see a dry lifted spot, this product might seep under there a little and Co it is kind of a little, and it can fill in and cover it activator on it right away, I’m trying really careful not to over flood that cubicle I don’t want to do that okay I’m gonna go to the index finger.Gonna paint on the brush on gel zen I’m going to hit with z it really is just like painting on nail polish thing I can feel it in my eyes, oh I’m gonna get the amphitheater.Now, this is a very see-through product I had some product before I took down almost all of it, lot of it did come up some of its got little tiny patches of acrylic on there because I don’t want to file down too much because I do this all the time so you can see a little bit of stuff for the most part it looks pretty clear, but I can still see the seam on a couple of them let’s do another layer, it does say actually to do it twice so I’m gonna just quickly do the second layer.OK, now when you’re finished that make sure you take this off, wipe it on here and then go back into the brush cleaner, that’s where they want you to hold the brush cleaner okay there you go.I’m curious maybe does it okay, let me let me read okay so it does say after all ten nails are completed, finished with a thin layer of brush on gel on all ten nails as you would a topcoat OK so we can move these guys.So now we’re going to use this brush on gel and just use it as a top coat, no activator at this point which is good because I can see the little streak lines of the brush, so if I put this on it’s gonna make it nice and smooth, just like a finished coat za za. Okay, that’s it let’s check out the reveal shots and we’re gonna talk about Xiao OK, so there’s the finished look you know what, when you’re just kind of you know going about your day, if you don’t examine them totally they’re not like to be compared to a professional nail but they certainly can get you by for the weekend now as far as strength goes I don’t want to give the illusion that they’re the same as if you built an actual sculpture fail, but I will tell you this little file, just a little tip, you can sort of see if you look down the little ends where these little things kind of break off you can see that little Mark where it was joined just take the softer side and you could just buff it right out.You’ll see it a bit on the underside, but if you look at it down this way, you can’t see it at all, you just go like that makes it look a lot better.Okay, so as far as strength goes they’re not gonna be as strong as if you had sculpted nails and the reason being is because you’ve got this tiny little tip, that’s just glued on the end when we do sculptured nails, we do that all the way to the cuticle now of course we painted it on but that’s not going to be as strong as if you had a full acrylic or a full gel going all the way back to the cuticle right, but.I mean, if a nail was to grow out like a nail fill is needed when the nail starts to grow when it starts to reach out here it’s really gonna be top and heavy I think these are fine if you’re gonna keep them nice and short you’re gonna go really long, when you need more of an apex built in there and we don’t need much of an apex when they’re actually quite short so you could probably get away with these for a little bit they’re not so bad. But they don’t have much of an arch this way, but as long as not too long, you don’t really need it, so definitely could get you by for a while so fair bear you ready for us to be done I think he wants to go for a.Okay so thanks for joining you guys that was fun, cute little nails from Walmart to certainly get you by for a few days, thanks for watching to the end of the video I just wanted to give you this little update, I’ve been wearing these nails for five days I haven’t been easy on them, I’ve done all my household chores as if I normally would to see how they’d hold up and honestly they’re still there and they look pretty good, let’s take a closer look, this is what happens when they’re just a little bit weaker whether a bit weaker than acrylic or gel I can bend them, this way, and because of that take a close look so it’s like a little road map of cracks on here, these are the stresses that this little nail is putting up with honestly so we can see a lot of lifting along here, look at all the cracks on the white part, this is from this way, that’s when these cracks come like this, and then these cracks here, you can see it lifting there and there, this comes from a lot of pressure this way, let’s take a look at the other fingers.So in this you can clearly see lots actually I’m gonna just put some water marble here like ink alcohol inks, and I’m hoping it will settle in.The cracks a little bit more.Can you see it a little bit better, I’m getting I don’t know if you really can I thought this might help see the cracks a bit better I guess it does.See that.Yeah you can actually giselle east in my fingers I thought it might, but look I’m just gonna paint this on to crack the white part.You might be able to see it a little bit better tons and also to see where they were joined the tip to the natural nail that is all lifting right in here.We are going to be doing a little trip down memory Lane many many years ago 2019 I was doing a lot of kids, it was like kids, it was Poly jail Amazon and so I kind of want to circle back and revisit some of the stuff that I use, so today, we’re gonna be using the kids complete salon acrylic kids, so y’all know I have a love hate relationship with these kids, kids not that there’s anything bad about them they’re readily available, you can go to any of the walgreen CVS target beauty supply store Dollar general there everywhere, so in that sense, they’re good, but when you have a very affordable product, sometimes the quality is lacking, I’m not sure if anything has changed since the last time I used.These kids but I decided I’m gonna go ahead and try and use it again and let’s see alright, so this is the kids complete salon acrylic kids a package does emphasize that this is especially enhanced powder that won’t trap air creating a flawless finish, did they say that last time I use this.I’m not sure it comes with a lot of stuff in this one, so let me open this up, how do you open this up, can I just slide this out, yep, yep you have this little case here and you can open it like so let me zoom in a little bit for ya, and you know I’m just gonna quickly go through this because I’ve used this plenty of times before I will link all of my kids videos down below do with them as you will, so we have clear acrylic powder gets some paper nail forms, now that is salon professional buffing block crime or nail glue Apple fresh drops I don’t think I want to use these because I remember the last time I applied these to my monomer, and then really make a difference with the scent like the monomer is.Still just really strong and I think it made the monomer yellow, which in turn may be acrylic yellow, so I don’t think I’m gonna do at this time, click click what you get well I dropped it, you get a cute little damping dish and then I believe this tray pulls out okay look at bed is a drawer, and then this has your instructions I highly recommend that you read these instructions, if you are like completely new to doing nails cause it’s gonna be a lot of stuff in here that you kind of didn’t know it’s sliced instructions, it’s very kind of to the point, it’s simple and it does give you tips on how to get the you know the best outcome that you can get, and it is in several different languages, so it’s gonna help a little bit of everybody so read these instructions, you also get a kiss nail file.A acrylic brush, this is why I have a love hate relationship with kids from my experience, these brushes have been kind of like as you get better you’re gonna want a better brush so but for the purpose of this video I am going to try to use this brush, hopefully it’s gotten better then you get the manicure tool, this is like a cuticle pusher and then you get the tips so you have white tips and you have natural tips if you guys have been following me for a while and you’ve seen my previous kiss or any kid for that matter, yeah I know, I’ve kind of been a little disrespectful to the white tips.You guys know that I’m gonna use the natural I don’t like white tips and I’m using the natural tips, today, I mean who still uses those white French tips, so I want to do tips for this nail design, but I hate white tips.For the sake of this video, we’re gonna use the white tips today because I’m pretty hard on the white tips and you know it’s a personal preference I don’t typically like it but I know that that’s kind of like the easiest way to do a French manicure for some people, so I’m gonna test it out, I’m gonna try to try to make it the best that I can make it so let’s go ahead and kind of just get everything ready, I’m just gonna go ahead and dig through these and see Canada. I don’t like white soups, but yeah I’m just gonna go through here and get my sizes alright, so I have all of my tips picked out and f. y. i. these tips kind of are like ill fitting there not that they don’t fit that well so I’m going to just you know work with them, so just keep that in mind so I’m gonna go ahead and do some prep, I’m just gonna use this wooden tool here and push back my cubicles and if you’re looking at my pretty little glitter tips here, this was the last halloween design I did in my previous video, if you haven’t checked that out, I’ll leave the link down below for you to go ahead and check that out, after you watch this video, alright, and then I’m going to use this softer side.And kind of just you know work, this around the cuticle area further kind of get a penny of that dead skin that’s on the nail and I also want to take the shine and the red die away from my nail because these nail tips, don’t quite fit the way that I want them to I’m gonna have to put them up a little higher or a little lower on the nails so I’m not gonna trim my natural nail, I’m just going to a kind of use that as my base to get the position of the French tip that I want because you know I don’t really like it when my when like the smile line is too low or too high so because I’m using these white tips for the actual you know French look I want you to make sure the position is right, so I’m just gonna lightly kind of just round the corner, so a little bit and just do.This with all of the nails, alright, we got the prep done I am going to go ahead and glue, these tips on so like for the placement as you guys, will you know see what I was saying I don’t wanna go too low I want to go kind of right here, so it’s gonna be a little bit like normally I would put a tip down here, I mean I guess that’s not bad either, but we’re gonna go probably right here just gonna just a drop, okay okay so we’re going to just place it down feel like you’ve just got to hold it. It takes longer for this for the nail glue to dry on these tips but.I normally don’t have to wait this long I’m gonna give it a blow.Alright so that feels like it’s on there good and we got this curve.I mean I guess some people like it I don’t I hate curved nails, but anyway we’re gonna go ahead and put these tips on all the nails, the tips kind of just don’t really fit that well for me so I have to kind of make it work, that’s what I do you know I make it work alright, so I finally got all of these tips glued on and it really took a long time for it to finally stick to the nail but we hear so as you can see the shape is not to be approved, I’m gonna go ahead and use my nail clippers to kind of help me with the shape and it helps if you have a straight nail clipper, you can file this but these tips are pretty thick, so you’re gonna be fouling a while so this is just gonna help me out a little bit with the filing.We’re just gonna file, these you know the best that I can alright, so I had a little difficulty with shaping these things and it’s because the glue and the tips aren’t really like it doesn’t really feel sturdy enough, so like when I get to kind of like falling it feels like it’s gonna pop off and actually this one did pop off so I’m just gonna put the acrylic on and then I’m gonna do my filing, you know I kind of got it kind of close to the shape that I want except for this one but you know we’ll fix it we’ll fix it okay, so let me go ahead and open this stuff I probably should have done this before I glue, these damn tips on this is where tweezer come in yeah, if you’re doing this yourself, you may just wanna open everything before because these tips will pop off it.If you’re you know if you don’t want too much alright, so let me go ahead and pour the monomer and I just like to use the brush to kind of help me, pour it so it doesn’t feel it does smell it doesn’t smell as strong as it used to so let me just go ahead and get everything situated yeah I think they upgraded the monomer it it seems to be not as strong and it’s purple, which is a good thing because most higher end monomers are a purple tent because it counteracts the acrylic from becoming yellow, and you know all that born science stuff and then we have to go in with the primer, we’re gonna apply the primer to the nails.Right, okay, that’s a decent enough bead I can work with that alright so I just like to start right in the middle and I do see that it is drying fast so you gotta work fast, with this is to work for months because it does dry pretty fast, I’m gonna work in smaller beads, so I can really get the shape that I’m trying to get without having to move too fast.So yeah I recommend small beets, don’t try to do the one beat method, cause you’re gonna be mad, it’s not it’s not terrible I can’t even hate, please try to get cute goofy clothes.Yeah I mean the brush isn’t the best, but if you work with small beads, it gets the job done, alright I kind of had the idea of a design I wanted to do so, of course the more length you have the more you got to work with so yeah the main thing with the tip, I’m like I was saying this tip is pretty thick so you don’t want to like, put too much acrylic on it, you want to kind of keep the layers pretty thin, because this nail can get really thick really fast so yeah, I’m just kind of making.Sure that it’s enough acrylic that I can foul and get everything, even so that’s what I’m working on, I’m also not really used to working with curved nails so. The shape is just a little different from me.Sorry it’s getting a little blurry but I have to work fast here before it starts to set to just to add a little bit more on the side here like that and the acrylic is not sticking to the brush, so yeah I really think they upgraded the powder like they said on the box, what do you know the acrylic is turning set but it’s not turning yellow.Yay, alright, so the acrylic is laid and I just wanna show you guys that although this brush isn’t bad, it did kind of get a little bit of you know clunky a little bit, so before you are done with it, you want to make sure to kind of clean it, you know if this is the only brush you have, you want to make sure to really so what’s it around in that monomer, and then make sure that all of that is all that acrylic is out of the brush because you know if it’s clean, you can reuse it and then I kind of just like to fill it with my fingers to make sure I don’t feel any clumps or anything in it, and this feels pretty good, I’m just gonna give it well.Washing and then squeegee it between the paper towel alright it feels soft, so I think I got all of the acrylic out of it, you may be able to use this again typically I’m not able to reuse the brushes because they get all clumped up and then they get hard and then they are impossible to clean, but as long as you do it, while it is still clean, a ble, then you should be able to reuse it and I just typically pop up the remaining monomer on some paper towel and just wipe off the dampened dish next it is time for shaping and filing, so like I was saying oh okay.It’s not yellow, but it ain’t completely white, so yeah it does look like the acrylic has a little a tiny little tinge of yellow it’s not that bad.It could be worse alright so we’re gonna go ahead and file and shape I can do a much better job now since the whole nail is sturdy and hard I don’t have to worry about the tips popping off so I can kind of really get that shape the way that I want I can really go hard, so that is what I’m gonna do it’s just that abit different for me cuz as you all know I’m used to straight tips straight nails I don’t really do curved nails, so the shape is just gonna be just different, but that’s OK, we make it work, hey, you wanna also make sure to smooth over top oh and thank god this isn’t difficult to foul, but it is going to take a lot.Longtime to hand file zzzz, this is where you can bring in your nail drill, if you have one, you know these kids aren’t just the end abi all like these are your jump off point, and then whatever other nail products you have at home, you can use a long five this a lot of people kind of get twisted when I do kids and then you know I may use something else and they’re like why don’t you use everything in the kids it’s like this is real life, okay like I’m not on a stranded island with just this nail kit for the most part I try to use most of the nail kits but some people may have other stuff, so yeah, if you have a nail drill, pull it out and do the following because it’s going to be way faster, but for this video, I’ll go ahead and do my hand file because back in the day before I had a drill, it took me a long time to get a drill and then it took me even longer.Learn how to use it, so I used to do all of my hand falling by woo alright so we got the shaping down and when I tell you, it took a long time, but once I got all of that shaping with the hand file, then I’m gonna go in with the buffer and just buff the nails smoothing out the bottom tip and just getting out the scratches from the ham file alright, so we are all file shaped and buffed and you know what the white tips don’t look that bad, yeah I am kind of shocked you know I like my French to be a deeper smile line, but you know for beginners, this isn’t bad at all, um, they you know they still curves I don’t really like that all that much but.I can work with it, so at this point, you can just put a topcoat on these and be done I know a lot of people just like their nails with nothing on it just just you know you’re here for the kid I understand and you know you can stop right here, you’ve done the video, but you can also you know put designs and polish and whatever you want on top of this, so I think I’m gonna put some charms on here, its famous fault I’ve been watching family beauty and I love like her style, it’s like the Hawaii style and it’s a lot of charms and stuff and I don’t know I haven’t been into that in like years like if you go back on my channel, that’s kind of like you know the big charms, the big 3D bowls and everything but I kind of I kind of have a niche, so I saw a nail take you some nail charms and she tagged this place ebony. Plush creations, she had like all these little gummy bears you know not real gummy bears, but the ones that look like gummy bears and then what made me order was that she had these little candy pieces and stuff, so let me look through here and decide which one I want to use any plush creations, and this is all of her handles I went to her website and bought some stuff, so I was really excited about these, these little caba chon charms oulu, yeah I don’t know which ones are gonna choose okay so yeah these are gonna be big okay so you know this may not be your style but it’s OK you don’t have to wear off alright so I decided I’m gonna do a jelly gummy bear set.Oh, and I’m pretty much just gonna put one of these on each nail first I am gonna go in with my top coat, I’m gonna go ahead and use the pucci snails top coat, you don’t have to do it like this, but this is kind of just how I like to do it, so yeah, I’m just gonna go in and put the top coat on and you don’t have to use gel polish, if you don’t have it or if you don’t want to you can definitely paint over this with regular nail polish or you know whatever you have so and I always like to check the sides especially because these nails are curved.You want to make sure you get all the sides. So I’m just gonna go ahead and cure that for sixty seconds.Alright Soo, now I’m just going to put on these little charms using the clear acrylic of Claire’s and it doesn’t have to be crazy big and don’t break the bear fee, it’s just faster for me to just pick it up with my finger see it it’s gonna be big.But that’s kind of the point, Hawaii, Hawaii nails ii, it’s not heavy, but I can feel it all right, so I’m just gonna do that, with all of the nails I think strategically I’m covering up the white tips, but you know yeah I saw him before I put this on here alright so we had gummy bear nails, alright alright, so this step is totally optional, but I like to do it I just like to go on the side and just paint.Put Clara on that acrylic giselle, you know everything is just seamless and there’s like you can’t really you know see just a matte acrylic it, you know it kind of it kind of blends in better alright so I’m just gonna finish off with some cuticle oil alright, so this is the finished look and I think the gummy bears are so cute, I am so sorry to the white tips because I was so hard on them for so long and they’re not even that bad so so yes I am loving how these gummy bears came out, c’mon focus isn’t that cute.