Paasche Airbrush & Airbrushing With Inexpensive Acrylic Craft Paints

We’re gonna be testing the avanti air brush compressor combo kit luminess airbrush, this is um, this is harbor freight’s packaging I guess they’re calling it avanti I’m not sure if that’s a brand I’ve seen before but it’s probably their own brand that they’ve come up with for this set now, um, this was one hundred nineteen ninety nine you get the compressor looks like a nice gauge to a and the dual action air brush, I’m going to find out if they’re both a good combo at that price, now a good compressor is about a hundred bucks airbrush air compressor.A starting my two d. which I got from spray gun which I love has a tank, this is tank plus so that was about one thirty so I already had the air brushes, this has both so let’s see if it’s a good starting point for some of you out there who want to get started in this it says, it’s a silent design, we will figure that out ourselves a consistent flow.And gravity feed air brush and it’s a dual action, there is dual action brush which is good, let’s see if it has anything else for us to know about here before we open it up higher fluid flow and productivity, consistent flow without delays top mounted cup allows you to get closer yeah you know that’s the brush, it looks like it’s got dual brush holders which is nice, a it comes with the hose and check this out, a quick coupler, a good quick coupler is between ten and twenty bucks right there so, um, it’s pretty impressive that they included that.Um, it’s got a nice water trap and a regulator which is a pretty good somebody’s lower end ones won’t even have that they’ll just be a constant flow of whatever 2030 PS I cooling fan and that’s all it’s a point three millimeter needle and nozzle set a which is a good in between size really good, if you want to pick one that would be the size.So that’s a good start to a let’s go ahead and I don’t know if I cut one of these ends open here, let’s see errors, let’s see, we have here, oh boy this thing is packed packed good here we go, I’m gonna try and get this right off the table here we go, oh I knew that was coming I knew that was coming guys, alright let’s say we got let’s change this camera a bit.To see what we got is the manual put that aside alright the hose is a very nice hose, this is like the one I use now that I got from spray gun.It’s got a nice holder velcro strap has the quick release whoo there it goes, he went flying I thought the attachment would have been on the air brush.Alright, let’s get that before we lose it, we’ll put it right there, we go put the hose right next to it, alright let’s take this out easy and see what we get alright so they put the air brush in this nice package, here’s a fitting should we need it, let’s put that aside let’s back this up, get on camera, some of this foam out of the way, let’s take a peek at the Sam rush.Hurry up.I don’t know much about looks or anything, it looks like it’s got plastic on the back I will check in a second but there’s the air brush, right.Yeah it is the compressor again with the velcro straps to hold everything together, which is pretty nice actually, oh that came out easy alright awkward and heavy to do that while behind the camera, alright guys there, it is.Has the handle just like my to it has here you can adjust them so here’s the air brush holder, let’s see if it holds a. My hard earned staying back here, oh yeah oh yeah how’s it well what about the one with the Mac file, let’s check that.My gsi cross with the Mac valve.Oh hold it, oh it’s got the slot in the bottom fantastic alright so that’s good, the whole is you know a minor thing but a bonus you know holds holds them well, both yep very good, very convenient, and they have quick releases means you have the hose, you know plugged into it I just got this from hobby meal, check this out, it’s a quick release but it’s a holder, so if you don’t have that I have so many of these air brushes that I started to come up with a system to keep them organized, alright, guys um a lot of range here, let’s check the other side, same thing.Oh, a lot of plastic on the gauge, let’s check out the gauge.Hi guys, this is really tricky to peel this off, hope yours.Wow that stuff is stuck on there can you see it.Not quite sure we even had to do that so I can hold it up I don’t want the light to reflect off it there it is.As registered just like my other one and you push it into security.Um, not too heavy a few pounds.For five pounds it’s a nice filter.For the water trap, not too bad still pretty good, it’s all steel.As your fan, not bad now, will will judge his performance, that’s all everything is really based on so let’s get this on here, alright beefy plug tripod, yup, tripod alright, so it’s all gonna come down to the performance of both the brush and the compressor lets checkout this hairbrush everything has packed so tight but it’s tricky to do this stuff, go on behind the camera. There we go.That’s pretty smooth to tell the truth, it’s gonna cap, my hard earned steinbeck did not come with a cap.But that town it looks like it has an adjuster a stopper, let’s see if that works.Yep.Yep.Alright, let’s take a peek in here in the mechanism, not a standard.That was a little loose there. Not bad, not bad I thought this was plastic it’s it’s metal it all comes down to performance, a lot of them look great but it all comes down to performance, it’s got a protective cap that will come off yep.So there we go now, we’re just going to put on the piece went flying the quick release.It’s gonna make fitting inside it to keep the air from leaking.There we go.Beautiful.Alright we just got to attach the hose here and we’re going to have to alright heres, the quick release and so here this end goes in I’m hoping we don’t need any, um plumbers, taper fitting tape here.And hopefully it doesn’t leak I’m gonna go straight up with this and we’re going to find out in a minute, all right that is in all right now we’re gonna compare the sound with my two d and two d compressor, I’m gonna see if there’s a big difference in sound, which is good as I have to hold I don’t have to put the air brush in the end because this quick release valve actually will keep the air from leaking out while it builds up its pressure now as this is a really long cable, this is almost twice the length of the one I have and it’s a it’s not stiff, it’s really really smooths it.Really nice, really nice cable so far the quality you know about the air brush, but the unit seems really really really quality peace, alright guys, let me find a plug behind all these kids here is a plug somewhere on the wall, you can see my lights.Underneath my LED lights see them and I had to put in a cord around the corner to feed all those lights, but I think I got room to plug this in so it will do that now alright guys, let me pause the camera I’ll be right back and we’ll check this baby out.Alright guys we’re back, we have power, let’s um.Quick release, attach our piece here.Alright.While that is too much.It’s actually not bad as far as um being quiet goes, now I’m hearing some leaking here, but I don’t know.If it’s this piece or not let me see ready.Also, oh, so it reached right there it reached, let’s see what it’s set for from the factory, oh my god 5060, it’s way too much alright, so here we go you pop this, actually I need to get a brush on hand so we can adjust it so let’s get this on.Um, oh.I think it’s leaking here, guys.I don’t know if it’s the cord or if it’s this.SO.To keep things quiet yes, leaking here somewhere I’m gonna try one of my fittings, which is probably superior to this one, so let’s get this quick off.Let’s see, yes sometimes these fittings are not any good, let me get one of mine hold on guys.Alright guys I’m back, um, let’s see if we get this here, alright more into the camera for you guys.Alright, I’ll show you what I said when I mean my minus small superior alright, can you see the depth of these c, one is much taller than the other, you end up hitting the bottom, I mean you end up bottoming out before you, you can sync it all the way in because you’re running out of thread.Because there’s so much longer I find these shorter ones better I’m having trouble finding him I think this is made by grex Jack’s grex, so I think it’s that brand number to look at the fittings, this has a rounded fitting which ends up curling up and going inside of the fitting of the average.Whereas this one my good one is a flat washer like a traditional washer, you would use for your garden hose, is it see how you can see more of that in.Peace there to steal, so this should work, this should solve the problem, so let’s go right ahead and see what I mean I have a few threads to go and I’ve already bottomed out, so I know this is secure and tight so.Yep, we’re good to go, now let’s power this backup.It reaches pressure very fast.Right there, I mean you can’t beat that now we can adjust it but let’s see if we get air leaking like we did the last time.None.Not at all. Yeah.Yep, perfect.All right, that’s why I like a tank does or when you have one with a tank like my other one it fills the tank up and you go you know minutes, you know several minutes before it turns on again and keeps the tank level, it has no pulsation and very important for the channel because I don’t want this thing going off constantly, but look where we are we’re still way up there so let’s see how we can adjust this down, I’m gonna pick it up, I’m gonna dial this down lock it in.Alright we went down to fifty so it’s gonna take a lot of turning this down.Yeah it’s still way up.Barrier. There we go.Yeah.Now into the thirties in the twenties.That’s where I like to spray right about there.Right, that’s twenty right there so might go up might go down but it’s a good area.All right there we go, I’ll show you a comparison of sound to the two d. in one second but let’s go ahead and get some paint ready to test we’re gonna test here I think we’ll try no sum to me I will do that to me I will do it in acrylic.I’m.We’ll do some game there, we do acrylic and will do it to me, you know just to see how it performs and to make sure there’s on pulsate and whatnot and I know a what we should expect from a point three millimeter needle anyway, but anyway, let’s get to the booth.Let’s see how this baby works.Hey guys here we are at the booth I put the compressor on the floor below me so it’s um.Not as loud I don’t want to, we heard how loud it was how quiet it was a noise that produced so I felt no need to keep it nearest while working seeking.Um, like bombarded with a cacophony of sounds here, but um.Here we go. Set it to twenty PS I hear is.Hi timmy, a mixed up.About a 5050 mix.Support right in nice big cup, nice big cup for the year brush.You know it’s comfortable the.The layout of the trigger is comfortable. Here we go.You know I guess I’m going really slow, you know I normally would layer it on.I’m quite impressed, um.It’s analyzing it really smooth and nice, it’s a.It looks like you could use a little more pressure, I’m gonna turn it up a little bit.I wanna go 25 to thirty for some reason it feels like it needs a little more maybe it’s not as accurate as my other my other compressor, who knows.Yep, huge difference.Huge difference, wow, this really good performance guys I’m kind of impressed. I’m kind of impressed let’s see what it’s like.You can get a little line on this thing you have to turn the air pressure down I just turned it up for this.Yes, I’m gonna have to um. Jack is down.Alright I went down to like fifteen PS I let’s see you can get a little more accurate here.It’s tough to do this from behind the camera but you’re not gonna get mega fine line that’s for sure.And I am going in.Barely pulling back.So I’m guessing it’s the pressure, it’s really I mean.I turned it way down let’s see when that nps eye area.Not sure if given push to paint throughout this.It does, but you can start to get a little bit of a splatter ink because it needs a little bit more.It does need a little bit more pressure.I’m gonna turn right back up.But as far as covering a kit.Yeah.You know it isn’t bad guys, it isn’t bad.Let’s try and um. Integral piece before we move on to train the acrylic.I just grabbed the piece already had panel lines on it, that’s when they grab anything just to see.How it would perform here.I mean, what we have to see how it cleans too that’s a big thing too, you know.I mean the thing is on constantly but it’s not obnoxious.The compressor is not obnoxious, it paints really it pays really well, um.It performs quite well.A I have no complaints at this point, let’s try it with some acrylic.And, um what kind of results we get with that.But the society can even load this up, there’s still a lot in there, so what advise it went a long way you know.Fantastic.Alright. Are you guys hold on let’s get to stand.Let’s see what it’s like to clean it, let me get some thinner.Hi guys we’re back we’re gonna see how this thing cleans out, we’re going to take some lack of thinner.Pour some in.Lacquer thinner I keep all my jars labeled.Alright.So let’s blow some of it through.Alright, now you can either.Cover it with a paper towel.Your finger looks like it doesn’t protrude it doesn’t, it doesn’t alright so we’re gonna blow some back.Against area.Oh my gosh.Um there we go there we’re gonna blow it back to the bubbles back watched a little bit let’s get backwash is good, now, these come with Maya.My badger air brushes, my patriots and my guitars, so I like these two have to worry about jamming your finger, just put these caps and pull them because I’ll launch across a nerve rocket and.You get the same result.So, I’d like to take that I usually will dump it in my other can but we’ll just dump it here.Right.Then I.Like to get my special q tips.And bring out anything in the end, I’m gonna at the end is when I really go through a thorough cleaning. You know, um.I’ll pull out the needle and whatnot, but in between colors, this is perfect, this is fine right now we’re gonna do one more time.With some lacquer. What you wanna do is you want to blow it onto here, if you’re getting any red.Alright, let’s clean seas, no reds coming through it’s good enough to move on to the next color anyway.You know well the rest of it out to here.That’s it, nothing but we’re ready to go, looks like it’s pretty good.At the end I pull the needle I will see how dirty against right let’s do some, um vio a.Model layer paint game here and we’ll see how acrylic works in this.You guys we’re back, we got the um.Yo, hello.We reach for it I’d like to have that so you guys always know what I’m spraying.It’s a.Orange fire, one of my favorite color is actually in the lineup, I love this color.I put some flow, improve ur in it and a couple of drops of thinner.But I’m used to spraying this stuff in a bigger nozzle.But, um with being a point, three I don’t know what to expect so I thin it out a little bit and I also put some flow improve or in it.Let’s see what we got.While it covers fast.Not quite orange fires, there it is.It’s on its second layering that you get the color.I just line up of paint dries matte, so it looks shiny now but.Yeah it won’t be.So it goes on quite well, the air brushes are good, let’s try it out, another gumbel piece.Alright.That’s it, um, it works.It’s a good start here.Let’s see how the other one was drying up drying up nice.So it does it works guys.AH. Kind of impressive let’s see how a.Sale, this goes over some primer.You know, we should try to with some primer.Yeah it was really really good, I’m kind of surprised how good it is because I’ve had a lot of these I call them off brands that.Just didn’t spray but don’t want the guys let me clean this out, let’s try some primary and then we’ll wrap this up.Hi guys I’m gonna try some of this a moto M K twelve surface are black. Very thick.And I had a thing at least.4060. A paint thinner, here it is here a little bit in.Let’s see how it can push this stuff through.Its primary spoon first.I do like a wider a nozzle setup when I do prime is I usually will do my. I use my five by point five when I do primer but this is this is good.Particularly if this is all you’ve got to buy this kit and you can really build a lot of kids.With this setup.Except for fine details don’t think I see a problem with it but it covers good.Let that dry.Um, see if we can cover a this guy here who is this, this looks like a hero, a hero. The Wing fans out there.I do favor a.Double zero.An ideal.I go back and forth, maybe it was a little depressing because you fall over the characters, but um it’s um.I really like, um.Double.Let me go.You always cover it up.I don’t know what kind of plastic, this is probably not any good for whatever I just break it like it’s one of those soft plastic characters, but I was looking for something with nooks and crannies.I fit the Bill.Yeah, so it pushes primer a newer guys as a bonus, let’s try one more thing, let’s try.So all clan let’s do some Chrome.Um, we’ll do that last and we’ll wrap this up.Hi guys look at this we came back with a bunch of stuff here I’m gonna try some old clad black Chrome. AH.This stuff is pretty thin straight out I put my paint shaker here so um.We can show you what we’re gonna go directly boot.I’m not plugged in hold on guys.Hey guys have plugged into the wrong port, that’s all I’m going to show you in real time that we’re going from the shelf to shaking it to straight into here.You want a glossy black spoon right here we go, wow look at this thing, how powerful.Upside down. Now you can see it’s thoroughly mixed era, let’s get this out of here.Use that thing everyday man I came in.Quite handy, it was worth the money, alright, now we’re going to get a clean pipe up I’m just gonna put it straight in I lower the air pressure.Because on the.On these Chrome you’re gonna go very light so it’s a fifteen PS I.So let’s see we get. Hopefully, this can perform.I put some of my favorite Chrome down.There’s a good amount in there.Alright, here we go.Alright, it’s set for looks like. I think it was eighteen PS I want to go a little lower than that, let’s see we got.So they get kronish.And this is black Chrome.So it will be a little dark. There it goes.When I hold it back for you guys in the camera, I’m actually tipping it back in the paint is ending up in the back, you got to kind of go down.I’m getting used to that.There we go. Yeah it’s pushing it pretty good.I dry off up there is the Chrome has come through look at the black comb.AH.Painted it, no problem at all.I don’t want to put more even though some left because it ruins the Chrome. I’m not using this to build I’m just using it to um.Show off.When you are bull.Nothing but air.And then that Hayes goes away on your own flags c and then it comes through.SO. Um, yeah it works therefore seems to do it all except for fine details, um, which I can’t complain about it, it’s kind of a brute.But you can’t get a little bit in you’re not going to paint little little tiny eyeballs and pupils.But you could do some panel lining a appreciating a anyway, let me clean this out and we’ll wrap this up.Hey guys here we are technically back at my mini bench, um I want to check one thing before we go any further let’s see what the needle looks like after general cleaning, now some of the paint gets hooked up hold on guys. Some of the paint gets hooked up right in here, can you see this, it’s just the way the cup is shaped and that bothered me a little bit but it’s not because of the screwing cups have more of a funnel shape, so it’s a no big deal, it’s a lot of the cheaper air brushes actually from China, why not, they have this shape of cup keeps costs down I believe not being a screw on cp, but let’s see how the needle looks I’m gonna turn this off so it doesn’t drive us nuts, here we go, I want to see what the needle looks like, because I didn’t pull out the needle I just did the cleaning like I showed you guys.Um, it looks good it cleaned out good, let me see.Now.Little bit, my finger a little bit pretty good so a quick wipe.The cleaning a paper towel I was using it’s not much not at all a little bit of residue I could see right here.Not bad I bet if I use some of that badger needle juice on this it would probably go even longer, that is not bad at all. I don’t need to break this one down for one reason is the standard type I’ve broken down a billion of these things, um, you guys don’t have to break this down at much at all, if you clean up what I did, maybe a couple times a year, you pull this out, let’s get the whole spring mechanism built into it and then everything else just collapses out, I’ll do a video very soon, actually I do a cleaning video with an ultrasonic cleaner and we’ll break it down then it will show you how to break one down, but anyway, yeah the needles stood pretty clean, you could have done a whole kit probably before you had to pull the needle out is what it looks like anyway, um let’s look at some of the paint here is the to me, um.Look at how nice and even painted that.So guys let me hold on these sticks, it’s all shaky look at how nice and even.Look at that. So I really don’t have any complaints about the air brush member I thought a hero here was kind of a different kind of plastic yeah it’s this bending kind of plastic but you know what the prime is still stuck to it.Look at him.Excellent excellent primer, excellent a job did priming it here is just the primer on the spoon, look how nice flat even smooth.This is over the primer, this was the vale game air look at that. Again I’m favoring the camera on this side, so the arm that holds the cameras on the other side, so I always sit on this side, so not much more to say it’s a very considerable let’s look at the all clad black Chrome there I am.Reflecting in it not as well because it’s a black Chrome, but look at that.That did all right.It did alright I don’t know if I can buff this out anymore, if that’s just the way I’m gonna end up yeah look at that wow, it did a good job, good job.So I have a no complaints, um at 120 bucks to get this nice combination of a pretty good compressor, I’m used to um a compressor with a tank, I’ll show you it right now before I end the video, but um.Overall it performed really good, it’s not annoying, particularly you can sit further away from you, you won’t even hear it particularly and um, with this hose, it comes with it’s probably why they do give you a ten foot holes, you can get the thing on the other side of the room, it really won’t bother you unless you need to keep switching the air pressure in that case you want it close to you, um, let me show you a.My compressor hold on guys give me one second.Alright guys I’m holding the camera here, so sorry for the little shaky, this is the two d. there is with the tank on the bottom and my gauges right here, same almost kind of the same setup the water trap, so let’s turn it on.And that’s it, now it reaches it reaches its pressure.Because it’s filling up the tank.My feedback here is filling up the tank once it reaches shuts off and then you’re feeding from the tank, you’re not feeding from the compressor, whereas you know the one we just tested its constantly coming from the compressor, you know and you can see they all have the same basic design of.The handle you know.Depends on the cylinder head, so all the basic same construction, you can see it’s heading up to a normally keep it fifteen to twenty because I do a lot of um.Metal type a. Sprays.SO.Actually over compensates, it actually has reached its temperature, a temperature its pressure.So I’ve needles not moving anymore, it’s filling up the tank.Beyond what I need.He understands Angela I can feed off of this before it turns that back on again, now let’s go over here and compare the sound.That we just turned off ready here we go.So it’s a deeper sound, but you know it’s not that annoying.It’s not annoying. And that’s it it’s reached its point it lights up red, you know it’s left on there’s the release valve to release the.Ear pressure.From the tank I don’t like to leave the tank full of air overnight and that’s it now it’ll stay there, it’s reached its point and. Let me get an air brush here, hold on guys.Alright, so let’s put this on trying to do this one handed, give me one second.Oh my god I gotta do this one handed we got it, we got it OK you see I’m spraying it and it’s not turning on. That’s because the tag is keeping the air pressure for you.It’ll come on like in a few seconds, it will fill up with gigi just a little bit to keep it always at the optimum point but I’m not getting any pulsating it’s not annoying, it’s not staying on its perfect for shooting the videos because you don’t want it running constantly, you know, um, it’s not a game changer, you know it’s just it’s just it’s convenient it’s nice to have.See I’m still spraying, it hasn’t turned on yet.Particularly at a lower pressure under twenty it will go quite a while before it turns on.I could even turn it off and still spray out of the tank and that’s the Joy of having a tank.Are you a compressor, all guys, let me pause this and put this back in.Alright guys, here we are way back, I’m gonna put the camera back in the tripod anyway that’s it, um, that is the review I like it quite a bit I’m kind of impressed a particularly because of the price point and um I had a basic compressor with a tank years ago and it last me a while but it got really loud, it got loud before it died.And it had a whole different sound than this, this is pretty good for for what I’ve compared to in the past and the air brush seems to perform pretty good, you probably want to get a better one eventually.So what I mean by just the slightest touch whereas my other one it doesn’t come out at all for quite a while and.That’s it, the results speak for themselves, it’s a pretty good setup I wish I had an affiliate link, but I actually don’t I’ll see if they’re on the website for harbor freight I bought this at my local harbor freight that’s right up the road from where I live but I’ll see if it’s on the website, if it is I’ll put the link below, but um that’s it, guys I want to test the thing I was curious I ended up liking it it’s a good piece I can’t recommend it if you need everything you need everything right away at 120 Dollar price point you’re in and you’re painting and you’re getting your gums done and your cars really really painted properly without going to spray can root and we really start the money starts to add up, anyway guys that’s it, um, please like the video, it helps quite a bit, if you haven’t subscribed, please do I have a bunch of stuff in.Um I got these um Christians from a Mr hobby in zehr, true water based paint I got to test those out I got in some custom creative look the size of these bottles, this is a you could tell it’s candy blue.I got a bunch of solvent paints in A I just started testing them and look at that that’s over gun metal so you can make a nice blue gun metal piece, it’s over Chrome it’s over Silver, so that’s these I got a bunch of them so we’ll be testing those too, so like I said, um subscribe so you guys can keep up with all the tests that are coming up and I got an exciting announcement next week as I think my lineup of paints part one of my lineup of paints I gotta set coming out, um I think it’ll be out before Christmas, and I got a logo for a name and a pretty excited and I got some unique colors, and that was the purpose of it to come up with some unique colors.