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Poker has been around for centuries and has always been associated bluffing or deception invisible ink glasses. With the development of technology poker analyzer, poker players have now access to tools that will help them win over their opponents. The poker analyzer and invisible Ink glasses are two such tools. They can be used to analyze cards and predict the outcome of a hand. The device is small and can be concealed in the player’s clothes. It scans the cards at the table using a camera. The device uses an algorithm to analyze cards and give information to players about their hand strength and likelihood of winning. Invisible ink glasses are a tool that allows players to see marks and signs that are not visible to the naked eye. These glasses have special lenses that detect invisible ink used to mark cards. These two tools can be combined to give players an edge over opponents who don’t know about the markings. Poker analyzers can give players information on their hand strength and chances of winning. Invisible ink glasses can be used to helpplayers spot any markings on cards that could give them an edge. However, these tools are illegal in most poker rooms and casinos. These devices could result in players being banned from playing poker or even facing legal action. These devices should only be used in private games. Players who use them in public can face legal action. Relying on these tools alone can lead to complacency and laziness in poker. These tools should be used to supplement a player’s skill.