Eyebrow Tattoo Vs Microblading | Eyebrow Tutorial For Sparse Brows + Milani Weekend Brow Review

Is going to be all about brows are gonna do a little bit on brow placement where they should start where they should end where they should arch and I’m also going to be reviewing the brand new maybelline tattoo brow master ink pen eyebrow microblading, this is supposed to look so much more natural it’s supposed to look like you’ve had your brows micro bladed, so if you’re interested in seeing how this applies and how it looks then please keep watching OK, so let’s do a little bit on brow placement brows are super important in my opinion, they make you look younger than you actually are, if they’re done correctly and they frame your entire face, so super super important now the placement method works for most people but it’s not gonna work for everybody, so at the end of the day, if this doesn’t work for you, you should do exactly what you feel comfortable with and what you think looks lovely on your face, so we’re going to find where the brow should actually start best microblading near me.If you hold a penalty against the side of your nose and go straight up this point here is where your brow should actually start if you then go from the same place on the side of your nose, but go across the pupil.That is where your brow should actually arch and the same again from the side of your nose all the way to the outer corner of your eye.That is where your brow should actually end now, obviously this isn’t foolproof and as I said before, if that isn’t where you want your brows to start and end, then you do it, how you think looks lovely on you, so I hope that’s helped you figure out where your eyebrows should start where it should arch and where it should finish let’s move on to have a look at this brand new product from maybelline, it is the tattoo brow master ink pen, let’s do a little bit of bump on this product, so it comes in three different shades, it comes in blonde medium brown and dark brown to be quite honest, I’m quite surprised it’s called tattoo brow because they do have a product already, it’s called tattoo brow and their tattoo brow actually stains the actual eyebrow and online I’ve just been on the maybelline website and it doesn’t say anything about how long this should actually last on your brows so.Maybe it was Danny brough, but we will see so maybe we say that this is the first micro blading type pen that’s been introduced onto the market, I’m not actually sure if that is correct because I am pretty sure that l’oreal brought one of these out a couple of months ago that was very very similar to this, so when you take the tip off the pen, let me show you that it looks like the jagged edge of a very sharp serrated knife, it’s not sharp, don’t worry I’m gonna draw this on my hand, try and bring it closer for you to see when you draw on it, you see individual lines very very small, like the hairs from your eyebrows, so I’m really hoping that this isn’t going to bleed its not gonna be too runny.We’re gonna see so I’m not quite sure that this is going to be great for all over the brow I may end up using my skinny brow pencil from pri marque to fill out the rest of my brow, but this is definitely going to be great for me here where my eyebrows are actually quite sparse and I don’t want to just fill them in because there are very few hairs there so I’d rather than look as natural as possible, so this is where this is going to come in really really handy, let’s just see.Okay.Now it’s starting to bleed I think you just need to put a few strokes on there and then stop and let it dry before you do anything else so I’m gonna go on to the other brow before I go back and continue with that one. But.Now go back on a swan.I’m actually quite pleased that it looks a bit funny at the moment the rest of my eyebrows aren’t done.That actually is quite natural looking now went over a little bit too much on this side and you can see that it’s bled a little bit here I think you don’t have to be really careful with this, the actual product inside, is really really thin.And it will bleed so don’t get too much on at once, like I just have done. Let’s see how it works through the actual brow itself.Hmm, not sure I actually like that for actually in the brows to fill them out.I think it actually looks better just at the front, so I’m gonna use my skinny brow pencil from primal ch cost about two pounds I think just to fill the rest of those out.Had a little bit more of this.Okay, so it is a little bit too dark for me when you let the products of it does go a lot darker than when you do a swatch on your hand, so just be wary of that I actually like the product I think it’s going to take a little bit of getting used to and just master that light touch a little bit more, think it actually might be good throughout the brow, but I just couldn’t get the knack of it today I’m gonna keep practicing and I will let you know how I get on with it it’s a little bit too dark for me, usually you should go one shade lighter than your actual hair color.I am not a natural blonde so you should go with the color that your roots come through where I think it’s a bit of a shame that they haven’t got more colors to choose from three colours blonde medium brown and dark brown is a little bit limited because obviously I’m in between the blonde and the medium brown, this is too dark for me and it looks a little bit silly.I didn’t think I would like it as much as I actually do I think this looks more natural than I would usually do my brows do you agree, what do you think comment below and let me know obviously this is not perfect, it’s going to take some mastering to get the strokes perfectly right without kicking and going a little bit off.And do beware this does bleed if you add too much product at the same time, it is going to go absolutely everywhere, so just do a couple of strokes and then leave it to dry and then go back in also beware the more products you put on the darker, this is going to look should have known that maybe it’s common sense but it does look a lot darker on my brows than it does on the swatch that I did on my hand.So I forgot to tell you how much this was in the bump earlier on I am so sorry I missed out the price very important, this is nine ninety nine and you can get it from most places that stock maybelline products boots and superdrug’s and chemists and supermarkets will also stop this go out and buy it and try it and let me know what you think in the comments section below I will update you to how long this actually lasts on my brows and whether this is going to bleed throughout the day in the hot weather, if you go into the description box below I will update you on how this has lasted throughout the day, so keep your eye on that so I’m gonna try this out for the rest of the week and hopefully master it and be able to get this perfect, this is a look that’s going to take a little bit of practice, and this is the first time that I’ve actually used this product today.