Microblading Healing Process Day By Day | New!! Benefit Cosmetics Microblade Brow Pen! Does It Work? Eyebrow Review & Tutorial For Sparse Brow

We’re gonna be doing the brow pen showdown where I am going to demo each one of these for you show you guys how they work show you how it applies and majority of these I have a few shades on them is microblading a tattoo, you can see some of the difference in shades, so this video might be a little bit longer, so for your convenience I will leave a time stamp in the description box down below and also on the time bar, you guys can jump ahead to the brow pen that you’re most interested in but I wanted to kind of just throw them all into one video show you guys the differences between these pens how they work, how they perform what the shades are now I am very experienced in brough microblading vs microshading.I’ve been using a brow pen for a while now I would probably say maybe a year and a half I started using the Mac shape and shade brow tint, and that was my first experience with a brow pen and it kind of started my journey of really loving the way that brow pens work and the convenience of them for me I don’t have the best brows and I’ve been trying to grow them out, which is a whole other story I have always loved brow pens because they’re so much easier, they kind of give you that micro bladed look without having to go through the pain very experienced with brow pens how they work what I like about them what I don’t like about a certain formula, I’m very experienced it’s not like this is my first time ever using a brow pen, I’ve been using them for a while now, so I really understand how they work and how they should perform what I like about certain types and what I don’t like about certain types, so we’re gonna get into all of that during each tutorial and at the end of the video, I’m going to go through each one and tell you what I like and what I don’t like and which ones are my favorite.Of the ones that I’m testing in this video, so let’s jump into which ones we’re going to be testing out today, so we’re gonna be testing out the glossy brow flicks and we’re going to be talking about the urban decay brow blades and the lime crime bushy brow precision pens I have two in each one in each shade and also the newest launches are from benefit, this is called the brow micro filling pens, and this one is a little bit different, the other ones that I’ve mentioned just have one little pen at the bottom, so I’ll show you the difference between these two see how the purple one just has one little single blade at the bottom, the Silver one the benefit one has the three little prongs there on the tip, so this one gives you three hair strokes in one and then we also have this one from honest avia beverly hills, this is called the brow pen so these just launched and I wanted to give them a try kind of give you my experience and share.My thoughts on the formula, the blade how it wears how long it lasts, and also going into kind of detail about the shades, the shades are really really important when it comes to these markers and the way that they match your brows, you really, you don’t want to go too dark, but you also don’t you want to be dark enough where it shows up and gives you that hair stroke, so I’m gonna get into all of that later on in the video, so without further due let’s go ahead and jump into the tutorial of me using each one of these brow blades and then we will get into my full thoughts on each one of them so without further ado, let’s jump into the tutorial’s going to show you how I prep my brows first and then I go in with a brow pen because I apply my foundation first and then I do my brows, sometimes I will get foundation around my brows, it just kind of is what it is, so I will go in with a lightweight brow gel, um the one I really like is from billion Dollar brows, this one has been really good, just going.And just comb it through and kind of place them where I want them now, the reason why I do it with a lightweight brow gel is because when I get done with them I will go in with the 24 hour brow setter. This has been the best brow setter I have ever used I don’t think anything holds my brows like the brow setter from benefits so that is the final step, now the reason why I go in with a brow gel first kind of thickens up a little bit and you can kind of see where you need to fill in because I have sparse brows if they’re all laid out this way it’s hard for me to see where I want to put the product reason why going with a brow setter, after that is because I’m running a fully through them and so by running this fully through them, I need to reset them again with the final step, the next step I take is going to kind of carve them out, I’ve been using this from nars, this is actually the soft matte complete concealer, I’ve actually kind of enjoyed this I used to use the p Luis base which I still do like this, this is kind of more of a concealer base I like this because it’s more of a matte it kind of gives you that soft mat when I do is I take a flat tip bra and I just dip my brush in like this on both sides, so I kind.Have.Place that real close to that line.And it will just kind of highlight.The brow.And I’ll switch to a brush that’s like this, this is actually from sephora, they don’t sell it anymore, which is kind of ridiculous, this is such a good brush, um, this is the sephora.Pro contour highlight brush the number eighty I like to go in with a pencil just to kind of give me a little bit of a base, now I have tons of pencils that I absolutely love one of them is the urban decay, precisely my brow, this is a really good one I actually use this one in shade for A I also have it in shade three and a half I also have loved the one from dior, this one is the brow style or it’s a universal brown I think this one only comes in one shade, this one is really good as well so today I’m just gonna use the precisely my brow I’m using shade for and what I like to do is just bring it right here along the bottom. Just to kind of make sure that I have that line nice and carved out I don’t actually use too much of a pencil anymore, like I’m really loving the pens, so I use the pens for 99% of my brow, so then I will take this fully and kind of run that colour through the brow, and that’s what I’m saying it will that brow gel has already kind of set and thickened up so when you go in with a spool, ie, they they kind of get a little thick and it makes them feel and look a little bit Fuller, so that’s as far as I go with priming it and getting them ready to go in with my actual brow product okay, so the first product we’re going to talk about are the glossy, a these are the brow flicks the problem with this product is that only comes in three shades so, um I have the shade brown and I have the shade blonde the brown is too dark.In my front area I use the dark one as I go out further along the arch, and then I use the blonde to kind of create a few hair strokes right here in the front it’s got a nice fine tip on it at the end of the video I will take a picture of all of the tips of all the products that I discuss in today’s video so you can see the difference in tip I will say though the finer the tip the better your brows will look.And I’m going in the direction of the actual hairs that I have.So I’m just filling in some of those sparse areas but not being too precise about it I’m just making these little teeny strokes, sometimes I don’t like to use a lot of the dark because it will make my my brows look too dark so I only go in with a little bit of the dark just to give the definition I am going to.Use the blonde to kind of make little hair strokes, this way kind of switching directions here’s are gonna take the blonde and just create a few strokes right here in the front.Takes me a minute because I am definitely not a brow expert, so this takes me a minute to make sure that I get it exactly where I want it to where it looks kind of realistic the best that we can get it.So this brow is pretty well done, so now what I like to do is I like to take the 24 hour brow setter, then I like to run this through.And it sets them in place, then I take the tip of the brush and kind of go like this. Just to give it that natural angle browser, just so hard for me I see so many people just throw brows on and it looks so good, and I’m so jealous I struggle with my brows I really do.Okay, so let’s get into the pros and cons of the glossy, a number one I don’t like that they have three shades with that the blonde is kind of dark, so let me show you what the blonde looks like next to the dark, so this is the blonde which the only difference between the blonde and the brown is the blonde is a little warmer as you can see they’re kind of the same I haven’t really had an issue with them drawing upon me, I’ve been using the glossy, a pen for a while.I would say I’m six months maybe and I haven’t had any problems with them drying up, now I don’t use them every day because I am kind of going back and forth the positives is I love the tip on it, the tip is perfect, it’s small enough to just give you that nice brow shape and that nice brown hair, another thing that I like about it is that it doesn’t bleed there are some formulas that I will get into that do bleed and you have to be very very careful with that and I don’t like that, so that’s the four one one on the glossy a and let’s go ahead and jump into the next brow product that I am testing for you guys okay, so let’s jump into our next brow product, of course I’ve already prepped like I did in the prep part of the video and I have two of these pens, these are the new brow micro filling pens from benefit I have two shades in this I have medium brown and light brown, this one right here is the medium brown and this is the light brown.They are almost identical, the only difference is the medium browns a little bit warmer, and this is a little bit more of a tope cool tone, but not much there’s not much differences between these two colors and use the medium brown on this part of my brow, and then I’m going to use the light brown on the inner part just to kind of keep it light in that area, what I’ve noticed with this pen is that it’s all about the angle, you have to have the right angle with this, if you don’t, it will not look good, it will just look like a big marker mess, so what I like to do is I like to go in and kind of map out where I’m going to put it before I start touching my skin with it, so like for example right here I want to build an arch, so I’m going to tip the brush up, lay it flat and I’m just gonna go in and just make little teeny Marks like this all about the angle make sure you get the angle right before you press.Now you don’t want to just all run together that’s what you’ll run into if you’re not careful, I’m just gonna.Take a little bit right here. Now I want to make like a few single strokes here, so what I like to do is just tip the brush like this, so that I’m only using this longest point I’m going to use the long tip to create one single stroke instead of three if that makes sense.So I’m gonna leave that alone and let it dry, I’m going to take the light brown and do the exact same thing but I’m going to start this way and move forward, so I’m just going to make little Marks like this.Okay so you will notice.That the light brown really doesn’t give me the three lines and so that’s kind of the problem with these pens is that.It’s hard to get the three lines to show up because it kind of like they’re so small I don’t know I don’t know I don’t love this pen, it’s not my favorite so because the light brown really didn’t give me much in the front I’m going to move to the medium brown. And I think from my front pieces I prefer a single stroke pen, I feel like if I went in with either the glossy a or something it’s a little bit harder for me to make those three strokes, so I feel like on the arch area and on the tip of the brow, I feel like this works pretty well because it’s almost like you can cover more canvas quicker, it’s like you can you know really put it on and really get the right shape and I think this looks really pretty and kind of natural but in the front it’s a little bit harder to do, I’m going to tip the brush like this and just use the one long point to try to make a few single hair strokes.Okay, that doesn’t look too bad, so this is the second or third time I’ve used this pen, it’s been my experience that last long I haven’t had any issues with it kind of moving around or um, you know fading throughout the day, so I went ahead and finished the map, now I will just say this I had to go in with the blonde brow flick from glossy eight just to kind of fix the front I really like these pens, but I don’t really love it here in the front for my brows, personally you know we all have different browse styles and shapes I think this is a decent formula and I think it might work for you in the front of your brow, it just didn’t work for me personally, but I really love the way that it gave me no just a nice shape, a nice clean shave, oh, that’s it, that’s my thoughts on the benefit brow micro filling pen let’s go ahead and jump in to the next brow product OK, so let’s go ahead and move on to the next.I’m going to be testing out for you guys and give my thoughts on this is the brow blade from urban decay, now this has been one of my favorites since it came out, there are several reasons why I like this there’s a few cons with this which I will get into now I wear this in the shade tope trap which is one of the lighter shades, but for me it’s darker so they actually have nine shades in this which is really awesome, hope trap is just a universal shade Pro with this is I love the tip on this the tip on this is one of my favorites and it’s longer but very very thin, and you can just really make natural hair strokes with this I’ve really enjoyed this since I got it, the negative is that it does have a pencil and I don’t really love the pencil because the pencil is so light that I don’t really notice it like I I could use this pencil, if I wanted to but it really doesn’t show up on my brows that much I see why they gave you two options, a both of these.Is you know you have the waterproof pencil, and then you have the ink stain on the other side, if you find the right shade for you that works good in the pencil and ink, stain I think you’re fine for me I don’t use the pencil ness I only use the ink stain, however I feel like it’s still worth it because I really do love the formula and I love the blue I love the tip on this I like to do it just like I did in yesterday’s video I just start kind of creating little small hair strokes, but I do love this color, this is the color that I feel like matches me the best because it’s not too dark and not too bold I will say too, it’s been my experience with the pencil that you can’t open it up too far, because if you do it.Breaks off it’s a drier formula, so just be careful if you do decide to use it, um, it’s a drier formula, it breaks off and absolutely it’s already broke on me twice just watching it here so keep that in mind, so this is the actual pencil itself, and this is the color of the blade, so it actually works pretty good, it’s a really pretty shade, now when I’m doing my brows I always keep this brush handy, this is the brush that I went into the nars and kind of carved out my brows I always keep this brush handy because I will use it, you know if I get up too high I can kind of push it down and I will use it to kind of correct mistakes that I’ve made so that’s always a nice tip too OK so I just finished with my brows and I wanted to mention one thing that I had kind of forgotten about, because this has been a minute since I’ve used these I’ve been kind of playing around with so many of these others that you know it’s been a minute since I’ve used this the pen if you have it down too long it will.So almost like buildup at the tip and then when you go to make the market will be too thick I don’t know that I’ve really experienced that with the others, um, but I had forgot that Penn does that so I wanted to mention that so that’s it for the tutorial with the urban decay, let’s go ahead and jump in to the next brow product OK, so let’s start with the next brow product today I’m going to be talking about line crime, now they have these pens that are called bushy brow, these retail for twenty dollars and there are five shades that you can choose from, so I have three of the five shades, these are the three shades, so this is dirty blonde.This is baby brown and this is brown dirty blonde is definitely a little more ashy baby brown is definitely more warm and then brown is kind of an even tone I usually don’t use the dirty blonde I actually bought one for my daughter, but I do use baby brown and brown, so baby brown I will use kind of right here in the front and then I will use brown along the arch, so I’m gonna go ahead start just making these natural hair strokes. And then I going with this fully and kind of.Comb it out now that one looks really natural, and it was very easy to do so I’m going to bring a little bit right here.Towards the arch and I actually really like this shade, this shade is a good shade for me for the arch area. Hey, now I’m gonna switch and move on to the baby brown.I really love this shade for the front I really do, it’s my it’s actually my favorite of all of the pens that I have that color is my favorite for the front because it really is just light enough to give you something, but not to be too chunky and I just I love the way that looks so this is probably my easiest product to use to be honest, I mean that didn’t take me much at all to fill that in because I’m pretty much done okay, so I am back and I got both of my brows done, this has been one of my favorite pants, I’m just gonna say that up front I will get into the differences between this and all the others that I’m testing in this video, that’s it for this brow pen, let’s go ahead and jump into the next brow pen.Okay, so let’s jump into the final brow product that we’re gonna be testing in today’s video, we are going to be talking about the Ana Sofia a brow pen, this just recently launched a couple of weeks ago I have been kind of playing around with them, this is not my first time playing with them, so I actually have two shades, this is soft brown, and this is medium brown, you can definitely tell a difference between these two, unlike some of the other sheets, they have they these ones are definitely different, this one’s a little darker, this one’s a lighter but a little bit warmer, this is a little bit darker with a little bit of a cool tone, this one has a little bit of a neutral it’s kind of not too warm, it’s not too cool, it’s just kind of neutral but this one’s definitely warm, my plan is I’m going to use the medium brown on the outer edge and the soft brown in the front I’m going to start with the medium brown and we’re just gonna add some hairs right here on this outer tip and then write up on the arch.Now, this pen you have to be a little careful with because the pen the actual tip itself is much thicker than some of the others that I’ve tested in this video so you really have to be very careful in taking tiny little strokes, if you go into heavy with this you’re going to get a thick stroke, and if you get a thick stroke, just grab your spoon and run it through it quickly and it’ll kind of like dispense the product.I’m gonna grab this soft brown and I’m just gonna come in and kind of create some strokes here in the front.So I’m done with the brows, I’m gonna leave him here being that I use pens consistently, this is one of my least favorites as far as the pen goes because you get so much color, now that could be good for some people and not for some so let me show you when I make a stroke, they’re a little bit thicker than I want, it’s really hard to make thin strokes with this you have to be super super light handed and nine times out of ten you’re gonna do a thicker stroke now for those that are like me and like the natural hair stroke, this is probably not the pen for you, but for those of you that want the pen you want the longevity you want the waterproof formula and you don’t care if you have strokes per se, then this might be a good option for you, because you notice that it filled in really quickly, so you can almost use it as a pencil because if you make that stroke and its thick, um, it’s still wet, so if you go in with. Fully while it’s wet you can really brush it through the brows quickly and it can also kind of give you more of like that to pencil book where it’s all the way filled in versus having the gaps in the skin like you would if you had the natural pen, if that makes sense, so it’s all going to be based on what you like I like a tiny tiny tiny little brush that really gives me strokes and I can kind of feather it in but I will get into all of that later on in the video and all the differences with this brow pen compared to some of the others, so for now let’s go ahead and jump into all of the images that I took of all these pens and the shades and all of that and then we will get into my final thoughts.Okay, so the time has come and I’m finally ready to give you guys my full thoughts when it comes to all of these brow pens and which one I like we’re gonna break them all down, so we’re gonna start from least favorite to favorite, so my least favorite has to be the honest nausea, now the honest ozzie, oh, you know these seem to have a really good rating and for me being that I like more of a thinner hair stroke I think that’s the reason why these come in last because the pen is a little bit thicker the hair stroke is a little bit harder to get a small tiny hair stroke, it’s just a little bit too thick for my liking, however like I mentioned in that tutorial with this pen, if you like something that’s just easy to kind of put on.And you want to use this as more of a pencil where you’re covering more landscape, if you will in a quicker manner, then you might really like this, it’s not my personal favorite if you like a hair stroke and you like a fine hair stroke, this is my least favorite so the fourth place, is this one from benefit I just don’t love this one from benefit I typically don’t like this, now I will say this one is much easier to use than the one from milk makeup I actually have the one from milk makeup so, I just went looking for the one from milk makeup and I actually can’t find it I might have given it to my daughter or I don’t know what I did with it, so the one from milk makeup is a little bit thicker of a point and so the the three prongs are just too thick to look very natural, so the one thing that I will say that benefit has going for them when it comes to this is that they’re really finely tipped, I mean they’re just they’re really kind of the right shape for it. But I kind of just prefer for me, personally I prefer a single stroke don’t know if you’re a beginner I don’t know that I would suggest using these I think these might be kind of harder for you to use I would recommend these to people who are pretty familiar with brow pens and you really know how to create those strokes because you gotta get the right angle when you’re using a product like this, and if you don’t get that right angle, it’s not going to be very natural, in fact that’s probably my least favorite about, this product in particular, so I don’t love this, um I kind of wish they would have just released a brow pen in their shades because benefit has great shades I wish that they would have just released one single pen like just one tip versus the three prong oh the next three on the block, I’m a this is a little harder for me because the glossy a pen has been my favorite for a while I just don’t like the shades I wish that they would launch more shade.We need more than three shades, we need some with a little bit more undertones whether it’s cool or warm there’s not a huge difference between the brown and blonde and it’s kind of frustrating I love the tip on this though out of all of the pens that I have the tip on the glossy a is my favorite I love how small and thin, the tip is and you can really just create small little strokes that are so easy and I just wish that they released more shades that’s the reason why I rank in this third if they had like five or six shades in this.It would probably be my top favorite I’m basing my opinion on this brow pen alone based on the shades, the pen works great, the formula works great, it doesn’t dry out as easy as some of the others it’s a great great formula fabulous formula.But they just need more shades so it comes in third place here I have the brow blade from urban decay, and I also have the bushy brow from lime crime I actually really like the bushy brow from lime crime, but I also really like the urban decay, let me tell you the reasons the differences between these two, so the thing about the urban decay that I don’t like is the shades are extremely dark very very dark and I think that’s why they get such a bad rating because the pens are too dark I actually bought the lightest shade in this brown blade when it first came out and gave it to my daughter and she was a blonde at the time and she couldn’t use it was too dark for her taking the sheets out of it, I love the tip on this fabulous tip on it, you guys, it is amazing if it wasn’t for that this would probably be my number one favorite brow pen now because of that I have to give it to the lime crime bushy brow, this is a.Great great brow pen, now I bought these on the lime crime website, there are several places that you can get them the tip is fantastic, the shades are amazing and they have a wide variety of shades with great undertones so they did it right lime crime nailed it, they have great shades and I am so impressed with the formula, the longevity that they haven’t dried out the one pen the first pen I bought was probably about three and a half, maybe four months ago and I’ve been kind of playing around with it and I really love the formula, it hasn’t dried up on me, same experience with the brow blade in the urban decay formula, now I did mention in the beginning first experience in blades was with the Mac and I really liked that mack brown pen, but it dried out too quickly, the Mac shape and shade brough ten when I was using the Mac one I was replacing it about once a month and with these others they’ll last me.Two or three months, so I really appreciate when the formula doesn’t dry out in these markers because it’s something you also need to take into consideration when you’re thinking about buying them line crime nailed it with all of the shades, they nailed it with the formula they nailed it with the tip and I’m really surprised I don’t have any makeup from lime crime.